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What is a handicapper?

Handicappers make predictions(picks, plays, selections) on the outcome of events in relation to these events` gambling odds in an attempt to predict the outcome.

How does one become a handicapper on your site?

Fill out application and pay via PayPal after approved.

Why do you have so many handicappers on your site?

The short answer is there are many reasons. Here are just the few of the major ones:
1. It has become increasingly difficult to get started in this industry. Our site allows a good capper the ability to run his business without any capital or overhead. This is a great opportunity for a talented handicapper who either does not have the time or wish to do anything but handicap.
2. By offering so many great options we believe we can give our clients the best chance at being successful. Not every handicapper is good at all sports. Some are great at college football but struggle with NFL and visa-versa. Our site gives the client the option to only get what they want. They can pick and choose from the best sports services in each sport without leaving our site. A one stop shopping operation for your sporting information!

How are the `units` for each handicapper derived?

Each selection a handicapper releases is given a rating from 1 to 10 units. The 10 unit rating is the highest and therefore considered a `Top Play`. So when you see a `Top Play` record you know that each of those games were rated as 10 units. All Games of the Week, Month and Years are also given this 10 unit designation.

Where are the `OLD` archives that I used to be able to see on the old site?

Are `Old Archives (going back to 1985) are now located here on our site.
Simply click a sport in the `Records Search and Archives` section on the home page.
Then you will see a drop down that says `Records by Full Season`. Choose the line in the last option named `Records prior to March 30, 2016`. Here you will find the current and old archives for each sport.
Select an Archive Period and/or a different sport.
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