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The Sports Monitor (TSM) is nationally recognized as THE monitor of the sports service industry.  Our goal is to provide official documented records and to establish standards of ethical advertising and business practices.

The idea for a sports monitor began in 1985 with a few sports services that wanted to be able to prove their records.  These services wanted to be able to compete with the false advertising by some unscrupulous touts who were claiming 85%, 90% and even a 100% winning records.  These sports services thought the false advertising by these unscrupulous touts was doing great harm to the nieve betting public by raising the bettor's expectation of an unrealistic winning rate. 

TSM was created to inform the betting public with official documented records.  We believe a monitored sports service is expressing confidence and integrity by allowing an independent third party to monitor and present their record for public scrutiny.  To this day there is actually a very small percentage of handicappers that monitor their selections.  TSM has been owned and operated by the same woman, Ruth Glasgow, thats me, from the beginning to now.  And baby have we come a long way.  From calling every handicapper for their picks, always prior to game time, each and every day, listening to phone messages every 30 minuites to make sure the games were called in prior to game time, calculating wins and losses, typing reports and getting them in the mail before the next weekend.

Now the handicappers can go on line, open their account, and post in their own plays.  You the player, can see that they have plays up for the day.  You can check their records to see how they are doing on a daily bases and see their game selections 30 minutes after the game starts.  We are all about transparency, honesty and of course my signoff is, Wishing you nothing but winners.



Your plays will never be sold or shared with another handicapper or player without your express permission.

At this time TSM does not sell picks on our site.  Should that time ever come it will be at your request only.

That is the reason you have to support your monitor.  The monitoring fee is the only fee I receive. 


Records will be as complete and accurate as is humanly possible.  We will never intentionally give you false information of any kind.  It is our job to separate the talented and honest handicappers from the bad apples.  We can not guarantee that our member services will always win.  It is their job to pick winners. 

As Always, Wishing you nothing but winners,

Ruth Glasgow

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